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Christian Suspense series book 10 of 20 by a USA Today Bestselling & Award winning author.

Gripping. Award-winning. Inspirational. Unputdownable. "Five Stars." - Readers' Favorite.

She thought they were a regular family, until a 100-year old secret sets off a dangerous enemy after them.

2018 First Place Winner, CWRC Readers' Choice Literary Lighthouse Awards.

It was bad enough for Violet Zendel that her twin brother hated her and avoided her like a plague because of her faith. When he became the CEO of their parents' company, she did everything she could to support his success. Then she planned a vacation to help bridge the gap between them and improve their relationship.

However, when the news about a shocking event reached her ears during the trip, it shook her to her core—and led to a trail of broken hearts. Violet saw no other option but to shift her focus from pursuing corporate achievements, to preserving her family members and their legacy. But that came at a very high cost. And in the process, she is challenged by riskier choices, which demonstrate in dangerous ways, that not everything was as it seemed.

Police Officer Angel Martinez was not a stranger to hard work. She had almost single-handedly guided her four siblings into adulthood and did not feel threatened when a murder case landed on her desk. Feeling confident about her ability to solve the murder, little did she know that some cases came with decades-old secrets that could tear apart the peace and unity of those she held dear. Can she solve this case without losing her life and that of her precious family members?

Tim Santiago loved his career as an Archeologist. He seldom walked past old things without stopping to admire them, and he yearned for his best friend, Violet, to gain an appreciation for his profession. When events at a funeral unleashed a storm of mysterious phone calls and a dangerous chase, he quickly agreed that some old things were better left buried. But when he suddenly lost someone dear to him—and was close to losing two more—he faced a critical choice about unearthing more secrets. Was he already too late?

What will happen to Violet, Angel, and Tim?

WHISPER is Book 10 of the award winning New Rulebook & Pete Zendel Christian Suspense and Romance series by USA Today Bestselling & Award winning author Joy Ohagwu.

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