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Donald and Callie Collins owned a farm in a rural area. They were one of the few white families left. Most of their neighbors were now black Africans. Their farm was large and provided a good income. Donald and Callie were in their twenties…One day a black family bought the land near theirs and built a house and farm. In the beginning the Collins were happy to have neighbors. This part of the country was lonely, but then they noticed that their new neighbors were noisy, intrusive and there were too many of them. The eldest, Tau Balogun was a widower. Also living on the farm was Tau’s younger brother, Fiskal, Tau’s son, Dosu, their wives plus lots of kids. The children were everywhere and lacking any self-control. They often entered the Collins’s land by hopping the fence and damaging them. Donald warned the children and repaired what they destroyed. What had begun as a plus had turned into a minus. But it would get worse. Because Tau decided to force himself on Callie and turn Donald into an unwilling cuckold. Soon, Donald would suffer a beating at Tau’s hands when he complained about their intrusions and crude behavior. One day Tau decided Callie would be his conquest. What followed was an orgy of sexing for Callie and Donald forced to become a cuckold. The couple were subjected to mind blowing sexual humiliations; culminating in Callie being bred by Tau. A cuckold BDSM story.
WARNING: White Farmer’s Black Neighbor is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic interracial sex, explicit language and sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older. This novella is graphic story about cuckolding and sexual addiction.

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