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Abel Balewa was not happy with Trevor Bell who owed him money. He threatened go to the authorities to take his land and house if Trevor did not pay. After an argument, Trevor stormed out, but Balewa called the authorities. And within a week, the government sent a police Inspector, Kofi Dimka. He interviewed Balewa first and then went to see Trevor Bell. After he had conferred with both men, he told Trevor that he wanted a ‘bargaining session’. He wanted the two men to sit down and see if they could work out their differences. And that is how Trevor ended up on the porch at Balewa’s house with Kofi Dimka as a mediator. He “suggested” to Trevor that his wife, Jennifer, live in Balewa’s house and work as a bookkeeper until Trevor paid off the debt. “If you want to hold onto your house,” is what Dimka told Trevor.

The white man acquiesced but begged Abel to keep his wife safe. Jennifer was nervous but her husband had assured her that Abel would respect her. But, one day, Abel entered the bathroom when she was peeing and this began a domination that included every type of humiliation and sexing. It was not easy but, in the end, all she could do was take his big, black manhood into her vagina. Afterwards, Jennifer was blushing and ashamed; but he was exultant. Soon, Abel’s brother and both of his sons were enjoying Jennifer’s mouth also. She accepted interracial sex as her destiny–it was what she had to do.

Eventually, her white husband learned that she was pregnant. He wondered if the child was his, but broke down when Jennifer admitted what Abel had been doing to her for months. When Trevor finally paid his debt to Abel after ten months, he was crestfallen and humiliated that he had been cuckolded; and his wife had given birth to a black baby.

Warning: White Wife Pays Debt is a Talbot Press Cuckold Shame Novella which features graphic interracial sex and language as well as cuckolding and sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

16 januari
Talbot Press

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