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The second compilation of strong women who take control.

These independent women subject their men to the ultimate submission, reversing the standard roles.

The book contains a compilation of previously published stories by Pegasis, exploring stories of Women In Control:

Ball and Chain
To Hubby With Love
Natasha Takes Charge
Ms Wright
Kidnap Fantasy
At Her Mercy
Peggy's Investor
The Three of Us

Ball and Chain – Description

The big night finally arrives. The wedding is over, the guests have gone, and they retreat to the honeymoon suite. He has been looking forward to finally getting his new wife into bed for the first time.

She insisted on no sex before marriage. She wants their first time to mean something, for it to set the tone for the rest of their relationship. But he soon discovers that he hadn’t understood what that really meant.

She swings open the bathroom door, wearing sexy lingerie with a rubber strapon dangling from her curvy hips.

To Hubby With Love- Description

His wife says his birthday present is in the hotel across from work. He could celebrate straight from work and not have to worry about making it back through the rush hour traffic or having to work late.

He waits in the room for his wife to arrive and begin the celebrations. There is a knock at the door, and he opens it to find a stranger, a beautiful woman.

He realises his wife isn’t coming and that the alluring dark haired woman is his gift. She pours out an array of sex toys and offers him a chance of a lifetime, anything he wants without guilt or embarrassment.

There is one thing he wants to try, something he feels weird about asking for, something different. And now is the perfect opportunity to discover what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

Ms Wright – Description

He is about to go on a trip of a lifetime when the sexy next door neighbour wants to say goodbye at her house. He has often wondered about the older woman next door and even had the odd dirty fantasy.

So when she offers a special goodbye, he decides to take her up on her offer. But, he gets more than he expects, as she introduces him to new pleasures through her domination. But can he choose between travelling the globe or journeying into his dark desires?

At Her Mercy – Description

A young man makes a bet with his gorgeous girlfriend. The grand prize is the loser becomes a willing sex slave for the next 24 hours. His mind whirls with his favourite fantasy of taking her in the back door, and he knows she would never back down from a bet.

But tragedy strikes when his team loses in the final minute. He submits to her will but discovers her naughtiest desires are the same as his fantasies, only with the roles reversed.

He is totally at her mercy.

The Three of Us – Description

At a stag party hundreds of miles from home, Steve finds himself at a loose end. The rest of the party have retired for the night. But Steve doesn’t want it to end and stays in the nightclub by himself.

At the nightclub, he meets two beautiful women, Alexandra and Lexi. They don’t want the night to end either and invite him back to their flat.

It seems like a fantasy come true for Steve, a threesome with two beautiful women, but it is their fantasy and not his. He soon finds himself a pawn in their lustful games when Lexi appears wearing an extra something strapped to her hips.

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