Wonderful Yarns: Discover The Wealth Of Knitting Ideas And Patterns

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Knitting and crocheting is supposed to be about relaxing and creating something beautiful. But somewhere along the way, many yarn lovers get frustrated. As their yarn stash and project queue builds up, so does their guilt. They find themselves bouncing from shiny new yarn to shiny new project, with piles of unfinished projects and yarn stuffed into every hidden corner of their home. In "Untangled: A step-by-step guide to joy and success for the modern yarn lover," Shelley helps you rediscover why you fell in love with yarn in the first place. You'll discover where you stand on the LoopsLove Success Path, and you'll clearly define the next step in your journey. A progressive series of 6 workbook-style chapters will help you clearly define your progress:1. Knit and Crochet Every Day: Making Time for What you Love; 2. Love Your Stash; 3. W.I.P. It! Getting Control of Works In Progress; 4. Love to Give: Bringing More Joy to the Gift-Making Process; 5. Love Sweaters: Tips and Tricks for Sweater-Making Success; and 6. Love Your Self: Self-Care for Knitters and Crocheters. Shelley is the CEO and Founder of Loops yarn store, LoopsLove.com, LoopsClub.com and Knit Stars. She developed this book after 14 years of helping thousands of fiber lovers - in her store and around the world - address their common struggles. "When I learned to knit at age 16, I felt so alone," Shelley says. "I wanted to express myself creatively and I was instantly addicted to yarn, but I didn't ever know what my next step should be. I wanted to learn all the things and I craved structure. This book is the culmination of everything I've learned since then. My mission is to help modern knitters and crocheters tap into their creative potential. I curate the most on-trend projects and amazing yarns, so they have the clarity they need to cast on with confidence. Our fun, approachable team of Loops Troopers gives them the super-supportive environment they need to success. And our ultra-positive, global communities connect them with yarn lovers just like them, so they feel a part of something bigger - a worldwide maker movement." Stop feeling guilty about your yarn stash and start feeling more creatively energized, organized, productive and fabulous. Walk out into the world in what you have made, and sparkle!

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