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The Zombie Chronicles is a collection of zombie short stories collected by the Zombie Apocalypse Resistance Group (ZARG), led by a man named Devin Gorski, also known as General Serpo.

The ten stories here will shock, scare, excite, and most importantly entertain you. If you are any kind of zombie fan at all, you will absolutely love this book. Here are the stories that you'll find inside:

Zed's Dead - When a stranger walks into town and promises a young survivor that they will venture into the outskirts of the town to find more weed, they soon find out that they just may have bit off more than they can chew - literally.

Almost There - A pair of survivors fights off wave after wave of zombies in the dark, trying to escape down the river to the next safe town.

Last Stand - A couple finds themselves trapped in a house where at least one of them seems to have been bitten. Can they survive the siege of zombies outside?

Memory's Ghost - A young boy needs to get medical supplies for his younger brother, when they meet a young girl with a big gun and a vial of something.

Blood Road to Vegas - When the plague first breaks out, a pair of friends try to make their way out of their infested town and away from those darn zombie horses and down to Las Vegas.

The Cure - A conspiracy to kill the town leader with a cure for the zombie plague turns into a plot full of twists, turns, and surprise endings.

Don't F**k With Alice - When a young nurse is tasked to make a long journey through zombie-infested streets, she meets a stranger driving a Hummer full of zombies. Will they make it?

Only The Good - When young Maggie gets bit, the group struggles over what to do with her, since she is only eight years old. At the same time, zombies are breaking down the front door. Will anyone survive?

The Monument - A story about two young lovers and their journey from Zero Hour in London to surviving and trying to reconnect with each other, not knowing if the other has survived.

Dinner - When Olivia gets bit by her brother, who has not fully turned into a zombie yet, she becomes sort of a half-zombie herself. Then she meets Cedric, who falls instantly in love with her. Watch their love-eat relationship evolve in a gory romantic way.

14 mars
Cryptic Lizard Publishing

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