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The zoo is a highly popular visitor attraction filled with highly photogenic subjects like big cats and chimps. They are also full of obstacles like dirty glass, bars, and wires that fool autofocus systems and leave you with a collection of out of focus images of what was a wonderful day out with the family. The animals seem too small. Where did that ugly fence in the background come from? Why is it so dark? Why are the images you see on your monitor, when you get back home, not the pictures you remember taking.

This is part of a beginner’s series about how to get the best from your digital SLR. The digital SLR is a wonderful invention putting the capability to create amazing images into the hands of inexperienced photographers. This book helps to correct that imbalance by sharing some of the tricks and secrets that will not only allow you to get the very best from your camera, but also to take home images that you will be proud to share. Maybe you will even surprise your family and friends with just how good they are.

This is a book for beginners who want to know how to take better pictures. It is simple and straightforward; does not require any more equipment than you already have; and will show you how easy it is to overcome, or avoid, common problems. While specifically dealing with the difficulties that you might encounter with zoo photography, much of the content will be of value in improving the quality of your photography generally.

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24 mars
Michael Hadfield

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