A Psychopath’S Daughter

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Publisher Description

The Nightmare Network releases its first edition book within the infamous expanse known as Blackbird County, where the most twisted, evilest, sadistic, darkest, and malicious characters reside here, calling this place their home. For one family, things are about to get very brutal when Horace Eerie, a mentally insane father yet a brutalizing husband, unsuspectedly returns home from an escape from prison back to his unwelcoming wife, Elizabeth Eerie. Together the two are parents of a rather quiet young girl who has a difficult time bonding with her overprotective mother as she considers herself to be a daddys girl. As far as Horaces charming personality toward his angelic little girl, Stacey Eerie, she is blinded by his true colors, as he attempts to force himself to play a role once again in her life regardless of the restraining order forms from court. Now he is on a mission of filling his daughters mind with verbal and visual poisons by teaching her that ruthless violence, torture, and abuse is the only way to make a stand in life and follow in his footsteps of pure evil. As far as Elizabeth, Horace does his best to continuously strike fear into her mind by driving her insane as he threatens to murder anyone and everyone who stands in the way of the reconstruction of his family that never was.

Meanwhile, as Stacey grows older within the comforting walls of an insane asylum, she soon realizes secrets about her fathers untimely death and tracks down his murderers at all costs, by any means necessary. Embracing the psychedelic side, she chases her cannibalistic taste for human flesh, her interest for blood, and her menacing behaviors she was raised on the past several years of her life. Soon enough it quickly becomes nearly impossible to break her habits and, above all, unstoppable as no one can control her. While on the other hand, she is surprisingly smitten by a new face in an unfamiliar territory that could be playing both sides of the fence with her emotions and ends up getting into a field of more than he initially bargained for. All along while these things are going on, employed staff at the asylum are harnessing various conniving secrets up their sleeves as well, so you have to wonder who are the real psychopaths.

Crime & Thrillers
4 April
Xlibris US