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“Meet Amy. Should she live, or should she die? Her fate is in your hands! Vote now…”

Reclusive website designer Thaddeus Webb thinks he knows the internet, but a brief excursion into its shadier regions throws up more than he bargained for. He stumbles across a harrowing video of a captive girl, her destiny to be decided by paying voters.

When it becomes clear the authorities aren’t taking the plight of the victim seriously, Thad knows he can’t stand by and do nothing. Could this be his chance to redeem himself for the sins of his past?

Before he knows it, he’s become embroiled in a search that traverses both physical space and cyber-space as he works to track down the untrackable, trace the untraceable, and try to save the blameless teenager before the vote reaches its grisly conclusion.

Dark Webb is the first in a brand new series from Harry Dayle, author of the acclaimed Noah’s Ark and The Faslane Files.

Crime & Thrillers
April 4

Customer Reviews

***Styria*** ,


I decided to read this book just for fun, because of its mysterious title, but it managed to exceed my expectations (which does not happen often). The story was fascinating, educational, fun to read with some unexpected twists and written with lots of imagination. The author found a great balance between sentimental moments, action, comedy and drama. I especially enjoyed his light writing style that was also very rich and satisfying at the same time - much like a light but delicious dessert after a meal. It was as if I could enjoy the stream of his words without the fear of drowning in the pond of heavy descriptions that often fill the pages of other books. I am grateful for his work and I encourage everyone else to read this book, too.

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