Fear Not! A Divine Restraining Order Against the Spirit of Fear

Establishing a Legal Framework in the Courts of Heaven for Living a Fearless Lifestyle in Turbulent Times!

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    • 4,49 €

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Stop Fear in Its Tracks!

Fear is being broadcast like no other time in history and it needs to be restrained! As COVD-19 reports are coming at us from every direction, we need to know how to not let the fear, dread, and intimidation overtake us.

There is at least 366 recorded times in the Bible where God says, “Fear Not!” God does not want His people to live in fear. The writer of Proverbs tells us that the wicked run when there is nothing chasing them. What a picture of fear! On the other hand, the righteous are as bold as a lion. Anyone who has seen a lion in its natural habitat knows, it is afraid of nothing. It walks lazily by as if it has nothing to fear. This is the picture that God wants painted on the canvas of our minds! When you are a child of God there is nothing to fear.

In this book you will discover how Satan uses “fear” to bind us in the Courts of Heaven. You will discover that the devil uses the spirit of fear to open the doors of oppression in almost all cases of demonic bondage or entrapment! Fear has a paralyzing and chilling effect.

This book contains a proven biblical model for living a fearless lifestyle.

In Fear Not! you will learn:

•  The anatomy of the types of fears: Fear of Death, Fear of Lack, Fear of Failure, Fear of Ghosts or Demons, even Imagined Fear.

•  How Satan uses fear in the Courts of Heaven.

•  How to identify Satan’s legal entry points.

•  How to prosecute the Spirit of Fear in the Courts of Heaven.

These are truly unprecedented times in history, so now is the time for you to rise up and take your stand against fear!

Religion & Spirituality
1 April
Destiny Image Publishers

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