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he Golden Retriever Complete Guide is a book dedicated to dog lovers who share a passion for the popular golden retriever breed. This book also aims to provide you with enough information regarding training and bringing up your golden retriever to be a healthy and obedient dog.
Most people love golden retrievers because they are so friendly and mild tempered. This is why so many dog owners try their best to get these beautiful animals. However, most trainers neglect training their golden retrievers and just leave them outside the house. Training is essential for all dogs and all owners should make time every day to lay out some basic training and fun activities. In doing so, you will not only groom a well-behaved dog, but you will also create a lasting bond with your dog.

The book covers the basics of puppy training as well as setting up your newest member of the family once you have brought him home. Getting a new puppy is indeed a wonderful time for your family and the puppy, which is why you should make the most of that time.
Apart from taking a closer look at golden retrievers, this book also covers the basic equipment that you will need to raise your puppy into adulthood as well as covering basic commands and habits that you should try to instill in your dog at an early stage of his life. Try your best to implement as many of the training methods mentioned in this book and always remember to try to have fun when doing so.

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6 July
Cesar Troy

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