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“Why oh why are my kids so different from me?”

Our kids’ personalities fascinate us – they always have. It’s the reason the ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’ debate goes on and on. But their personalities also challenge us because they are so often at odds with our own.

The problem is that to have any hope of fully understanding our kids, we – as parents – need to properly understand ourselves first. That has not been easy to do … until now.

'Knowing Me, Knowing Them' is a book designed specifically to help parents get a solid grasp of what it is that makes them tick. In three steps, this book will:
1.Help you discover your parenting personality type using the Enneagram
2.Explore how your personality affects your parenting style.
3.Provide further resources to help you unlock your children’s potential.

Reading 'Knowing Me, Knowing Them' will provide you with plenty of ‘aha!’ moments. You will spend less time worrying about and judging your parenting approach. And you will spend more time enjoying the wonderful, all-too-quick experience of raising your children.

"This book gifts us with a practical, useful, and groundbreaking work for parents and adults in their relationship with children. You will benefit from this book whether you are new or experienced with the Enneagram." David Daniels, MD, Clinical Professor Emeritus Stanford Medical School and Enneagram pioneer.

"The most important job in the world, being a parent, is the one that requires no license, no training, and does not end after 18 years. This book unlocks the key to this high-stress job and will be widely read by parents and grandparents everywhere." Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD, author 'Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach'.

"Every parent needs to run and get this book! It includes 'Parenting Strategies for Growth' - which is an easy way to apply the learning to connect and stay connected with our children, teens and young adults." Diana Sterling, author 'The Parent as Coach Approach'.

"This book helps parents discover and understand the high and low sides of their own parenting styles and offers nine keys to unlocking their child’s potential. I’m sure their children will be thankful their parents read this book." Jerry Wagner, PhD, author 'Nine Lenses on the World: The Enneagram Perspective'.

September 3
Tracy Tresidder

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