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Pandemic deals with the impact on society of a global viral outbreak - the result of a terrorist act, plotted over several years, and intended to disrupt the fabric of modern civilization. In Pandemic, a small international terrorist team obtains and modifies a deadly virus. Under the cover of a legitimate business, the group releases the pathogen into major population centers where it quickly spreads, upsetting the lives of ordinary citizens and changing the global economic and social landscape.
The terrorists are driven by twisted motives – greed, environmental fanaticism, religious extremism, personal vengeance – but their planning is thorough and unhurried. They are smart, educated, careful, cunning, and devious. When they are finally ready, the chaos they unleash is so sudden and widespread that the available medical and security emergency systems become immediately overwhelmed. The social, economic, and political upheaval is instantaneous and global. If not for the courageous actions of a doctor who resurrects a long-forgotten and risky medical emergency practice, the impact would have been much worse. But the effects are deep and long-lasting, and society as we know it is changed.
Pandemic dovetails nicely with two of today’s main social fears: a widespread biological outbreak, and global terrorism. The book deals with both issues in a way that is plausible and informative, with a plot that keeps the reader eagerly turning each page.
Pandemic has received excellent reviews, some of which can be found at the author’s website

Crime & Thrillers
January 15
J.A. Lourenco

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