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A pregnancy Cookbook should be part of a comprehensive pregnancy plan, because it guides a pregnant mother through the best meal choices that can sustain her through different stages of pregnancy. Nutritional balancing is important during pregnancy, it ensures that your baby is receiving sufficient nutrients that will help it grow and will also help you remain strong physically and mentally for the 9-months of pregnancy and thereafter.

Secondly, healthy nutrition and meal plans will help you prevent minor and serious side effects that have been linked with malnutrition. As a mother, you need to know those essential nutrients that will nourish and facilitate a perfect development of the baby’s brain tissues, bones, muscles and every other parts of the body that contributes to its physical and mental development. You need to know also the side effects of not having sufficient nutrients supplied to your baby at each phase of growth. This book has been written to help you with the following;

- Educate you on the connection between Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the newborn,
- Help you understand the benefits of each micro and macro nutrients to the development of the baby
- Give you a comprehensive lists and information on diverse delicious and nutritive recipes.
- Helps you become more creative in making healthier meal choices for yourself and your baby, and
- Simplify your daily life through the making of healthy smoothies and fast-foods that can be made within few minutes.

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March 23
Ted Alling

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