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Don’t Buy a Home Until You Read This Guide.

It makes me angry to see honest, hard working people—people who trusted their real estate advisors—get bad advice and then a raw deal when they buy a home. Brokers and trusted agents let them go out and get killed, figuratively (even actually), when buying their dream home. They don’t seem to care that people work hard for years and cut back on expenses to save, save, save toward the day when they can finally make a down payment on a home. It is a core dream in America. Then, uncaring participants in the real estate industry take advantage of inexperienced buyers and lead many of them into big financial losses and disasters.

In this absolutely unique how-to manual, you will learn things never before revealed about the murky inside workings of real estate transactions.

Exposed—the dark side of real estate and the dirty little secrets that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in hidden and unnecessary expenses.

Expert Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere

Owning your own home can be a wonderful thing. But buying the wrong home, one filled with problems, can be a life wrecking experience. Your first attempt at buying a home can easily be your last, especially if you get it wrong. You see, many homes can be money pits to repair or maintain and cause you endless grief and worry.

I will show you a safe path through the home buying minefield. You will not hear about mythical “make a fortune in real estate” tricks or any complex financial shenanigans that normal people can never use. I will, on the other hand, give you a down to earth, easy to apply method of examining a house and determining if it is worth turning into your dream home. Then I will show you how to buy a house at the best price you can reasonably get.

Over my house buying career I have bought many dwellings. In addition I have examined perhaps half a thousand houses for myself and for others. Many of those just didn’t make the cut. I, personally, remodeled all of the homes I purchased. It was full contact, hands-on remodeling, using very few contractors except for the most specialized or labor intensive work. Later, I worked for a number of years as a home inspector, inspecting houses for families buying homes. Whenever I found serious defects, I reported these to the prospective buyers. Many of those people did the smart thing and walked away from houses that I exposed as having shocking hidden flaws. By rejecting those sick houses they all dodged big bullets, survived financially intact, and went on to find and buy better houses . . . houses that were solid and well maintained.

So, here you will receive the benefit of all my years of experience. Like a secret advisor on your shoulder, I’ll be with you to every step of the way through the real estate swamp, to help you arrive safely to the home of your dreams.

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July 7
Michael Beech

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