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Are you a restless soul? Are you constantly agitated and find it hard to unwind? If you are exhausted and know that you need to slow down, then this is the book for you.

Stress. Just the word makes most of us roll our eyes and make our stomach do flips. We all know it. We all struggle with it. It is a part of everything we do. That's life.

Most of the time and for most of us, the daily stress of life is a manageable thing. And then, there are times when life throws a little something extra our way. When that happens, our stress levels can get out of control and leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

This book brings has the best solution. Within the chapters of the book, you will be able to learn about:
Stress, what it is and what it's not.What are the different type of stressorsThe most powerful strategies to reduce your stressThe different techniques for managing stress day-to-day.How to break the cycle formed by emotionsHow to practice mindfulnessBreak from the chains of negativitiesHow you can stop overthinking through various important techniquesHow to think clearly and calm yourselfAnd much more!!
Good news!

Since stress fundamentally originates from the brain and what it makes of the situations around it, the suggestions in this book, is a step at reorienting the brain and how it functions. Having lived a life where the basic needs of life like food is a big project to plan for, you must agree that I have been stressed enough to understand how stress does what it does.

Stress is an invisible solid part of life, and while it is almost unconsciously easy to run your energy into a loop of circling worries, it is always better to manage stress.

This book will teach and show you how best to refocus that energy and get back on course the route of your calm, sanity, peace of mind, and happiness. 

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Health & Well-Being
6 March
Matthew Wright

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