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Tane Ellantri is half-Elf and half-Man who never knew who his real father was. Returning home one night with his Elven brother Qenn, he discovered his mother dead. And the demons that killed her are now hunting him. The two brothers flee from their village for the safety of the larger city with hopes to either hide or find help. What they find is an evil plaguing the lands, massing for an attack on the city, and every city across the land afterwards.
But they also find help. A small band of men fight the demon horde led by a menacing tough guy named Kamen Ode, who himself is trying to keep his mother safe from the demons who are collecting anyone with magic. Kamen Ode is rough around the edges and will stop at nothing to protect his mother’s premonition of her own death from coming true. While rescuing Tane and Qenn, Kamen Ode also rescued a young woman with a powerful magic, Kandish. Together, the band of misfits is on the run through the city, looking for a safe way out.
But Tane and Qenn are found. A powerful sorcerer called in to aid in the war between Men and Elves has tracked Tane down to tell him of his heritage. When the sorcerer Shadox tells Tane that he is now king of Cillitran, Tane and Qenn are in disbelief. Shadox reveals what Tane’s mother would have kept secret forever. Now Tane must discover for himself if he is indeed king. He will travel with the sorcerer to find out it the fabled Sword of Blood will come to life for him. Meanwhile, Qenn is given the mission of leading the rest of the misfits into the northlands where the heart of the demons’ magic is living. They are to destroy it. It’s an impossible journey at best to even reach it, let alone destroy it.
Tane comes to grip with the reality that he is indeed king and wields the magical sword in the epic battle against the demons, joining Men and Elves together for one last stand.
The battle is dark and it appears the demons will win.
Now the fate of the lands rest in the hands of Qenn and Kandish. But their tasks appear to be more than they were ready for.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 12
Sean McKenzie

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