Vegetarian Keto: The Healthies Plant Based Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss in Less Than 21 Day Workout Week Plan + Delicious Healthy Recipes

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What if there was a diet that would help you lose weight rapidly but while eating enough food to feel more than satisfied?

There is, and that diet is the ketogenic diet.

But is this diet suitable for vegetarians, much less vegans? Isn't it a meat-based diet?

In fact, the ketogenic diet is a fat-based diet, not a meat-based diet. The diet is a moderate protein diet, which actually makes it well suited for vegetarians and vegans. It's possible to follow a ketogenic diet if you are a vegetarian or vegan by using healthy plant-based fats and oils.

In this book, we are going to reveal a specific plan that vegetarians and even vegans can follow to incorporate the keto way of eating into their lifestyle. You'll find that you will lose weight with ease while enjoying completely satisfying and tasty meals.

Inside you will find:

Learn Exactly what the keto diet is.
Find out the correct proportions of macros that should be included on the diet.Learn why the keto diet is a high fat and moderate protein-based diet, and not a meat-based diet.Find out how to get the right fats without having to consume meat and fish.Get insights into low carbohydrate, plant-based protein sources.Follow a seven-day meal plan and shopping list to get started on the keto diet.Explore the many benefits of a keto diet.Learn why a vegetarian or vegan can easily follow a keto diet, and get the exact steps you need to get started.Get the low down on intermittent fasting, and why you might want to include it in your lifestyle.Learn how the body digests food, which will help you understand why the keto diet works.
There is no time to waste! If you need to lose weight, you need to get started as quickly as possible, and the keto diet is proving to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Get "The Vegetarian Keto Diet" to start being healthy and losing weight now!

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16 April
Anna Correale

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