15 Steps to Healthy Living

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Dr. Gordon Fimreite's 15 Steps to Healthy Living is an uplifting and useful guide for all readers who are on the lookout for tips and strategies to lose weight naturally, get a health plan organized, and optimizing their health from the inside out. The book speaks about eating healthily and keeping the mind and body active for a healthy and long life. The 15 steps include food selection, detoxing from the inside out, sleep, exercise, stress strategies, and happiness that will guide all readers to achieving an enriching and fulfilling life. The book also introduces readers to the author’s 105-year-old grandmother and her healthy living, which is inspiring, and terms it as one of the main reasons that contribute to longevity.

15 Steps puts together lots of health tips, which are simple, clear, and easy to comprehend for readers who want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. This healthy information adds insights and a positive approach towards handling diet, exercise, stress and being positive, thereby making readers think about health in a new way. The transition to healthy living is a slow one for those who have been leading a not-so-healthy lifestyle, and the tips and techniques in this book will motivate them to make healthier choices so that they can feel better, look different, and have more energy. And as the author rightfully puts it, ‘healthy living is a process, not a destination.’ The goal is motivating the reader to live a healthier and a happier lifestyle.

• Beverly Hills Book Awards – First Place Winner in the category of Well-Being.
• Reader’s Favorite - Silver Winner in the category of Non-Fiction – Health – Medical.
• American Book Fest - Award Finalist in the category of Health: Diet & Exercise
• San Francisco Book Festival – Honorable Mention in the category of How-To
• New York Book Festival – Honorable Mention in the category of How-To

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