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Eighteen-year-old Skye is many things to many people: sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, band-mate. But to herself Skye is something altogether different; she is he, and his name is Finn.
From the first page Skye is in a quandary: should she tick the M or F box when applying for her driver’s licence? She does, after all, plan on transitioning as soon as she can. She has researched, joined internet forums and is saving for the necessary surgery. But as she is learning there are so many unexpected elements to consider, not least of which is how her transition from female to male will affect her friendships and position in her all girl punk band, The Chronic Cramps.
While navigating this personal minefield, Skye finds an ally in Gran, and uncovers the truth of Gran’s brother, Uncle Albert, who spent the later years of his life as Alberta. With Gran’s understanding and the help of newfound FTM (Female To Male) forum friends, Skye takes her first step on the path that will ultimately lead to the birth of Finn.
f2m does exactly what it is meant to do, which is to allow readers into the life of a transgender person, to share his hopes, fears, and very personal life-changing journey. Anything we can do to educate young people on the differences of others, whether they be differences of culture, religion or sexual orientation can only aid in a complete understanding of what it truly means to be human.
Teens, particularly girls, will pick up this title for its curiosity factor alone. Edwards’ literary skill and Kennedy’s heart-felt experiences marry well and the result is an honest story that is both entertaining and informative.

Young Adult
25 May
Ford Street Publishing

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