Flirting for Women: The Ultimate Guide on How to Flirt Like Cleopatra and Use Non-Verbal Communication and Seduction Techniques to Start Dating High-Value Men

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Have you been single for so long you´ve forgotten how it feels to love and be loved? Are you sick and tired of choosing the wrong men all the time? Do you want to become the queen of seduction, stop being the chaser, and become the chased? Then keep on reading…

Have you ever wondered how some women are always surrounded by men? What is it that makes them so attractive and stunning?

It might be surprising to know it´s not just about physical appearance. There is much more to the art of dating than just the looks.

If you are prepared to face some hard truths and learn the mistakes women like you are making, then you are on the right path to finding your soulmate.

You might have already surrendered, thinking you will never find the right guy for you. Let's get one thing straight – that kind of attitude will never attract the man you are looking for. And if you are just waiting around to be found by the man of your dreams – prepare yourself for brutal failure. You have to stop acting like a Cinderella and become the irresistible and mind-blowing alpha female.

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect, and with tips from this flirting guide, you will become a master seductress!

Romance can be both the best and the worst experience in your life. No one is born charismatic with unlimited charm. To some it comes more naturally, others have to put in more work, but we all stand the same chance of achieving a long, healthy, and loving relationship, and ultimately a successful marriage. The same goes with confidence. Some have more of it while some have less, but there are sure-fire ways of increasing it.

You might be wondering, what sets this book apart from others trying to teach you how to flirt?

Here you won't read the advice you have read a million times before. You will discover never-before shared practical and detailed techniques that will be your game changer. You'll be taught strategic-thinking while maintaining the allure of a natural femme-fatal. You will never again be a placeholder.

The famous phrase "Man Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", coined by John Gray, is completely true!

You first have to infiltrate and understand the male mind to know where to meet and how to keep him.

In this book, you will learn all the secrets and many new and useful strategies, skills, and tricks, some of them being:
- What men really think – busting the myths!
- How to talk to men and keep the conversation going
- Discover the 21 stages of flirting!
- The mistakes all women are making when flirting
- How to skyrocket your confidence
- How to turn flirting online into a real date
- Everything you should and shouldn't do on a first date
- How to read his body language and make yours more inviting
- How to know immediately if he´s a suitable candidate to be the One?
- What you need to know about boundaries for mutual respect
- How to recognize men worth going after

Dating and flirting is a game where there can be either two winners or two losers. This amazing guide will equip you with tools and skills that are proven and that guarantee you will be the winner of the game of love. No more one-night stands, short relationships with no future, and disappointing choices.

Get this book now and don't miss your chance of finding the man that will give you what you deserve – long-lasting love and respect!

14 February
Dara Montano

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