Fruit of The Poison Tree

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Preface of Fruit of The Poison Tree, © 2016 by K. MacKenzie (ebook approx. 326 pages, 68,000 words): U.S. Army PFC Christian Menchaca was captured together with U.S. Army Pfc Thomas Tucker by al Queda Nuclear Terrorists 16 June 2006, both barbarically tortured to death by al Queda Nuclear Terrorists, from 16 Jun to 19 June 2006, who made videos of this atrocity and posted the videos on the internet, where these terrorism torture videos have played from June 2006 to the present time, June 2016 (10 years!). Their remains, recovered 19 June 2006, were so mutilated that only DNA testing could be used to identify them.
This book, Fruit Of The Poison Tree, emanates and is assembled from excerpts of Christian Menchaca Family filed counter-terrorism lawsuits against Al Queda Terrorism and Al Queda –Al Shura Nuclear terrorism described by the Menchaca Family in three lawsuits submitted to U.S. Judiciary Branch Courts – U.S. District Court, U.S. Court Of Appeal, and U.S. Supreme Court and further described by Menchaca Family in U.S. Form 95 Claims for Damage, Injury, or Death submitted to U.S. Executive Branch Administrative Courts, filed and currently litigated, since 2008 in U.S. Supreme Court Case 08-9595 and in U.S. District Court - Rusk St. 515 RUSK AVE., HOUSTON,TEXAS, 77002, PHONE: 713.250.5500, CASE CV-3326 and in US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, New Orleans, LA, 70130, Phone: 504-310-7700, Case 15-20667, since 2015, filed by Kenneth MacKenzie acting as “Attorney Pro Se” on behalf of the Terrorism-Death-Threatened family of U.S. Army PFC Christian Menchaca against terrorists and against nuclear-wrongdoer U.S. Government Officials who have denied the Terrorism-Death-Threatened family of U.S. Army PFC Christian Menchaca the lawful protections of 18 USC §3521 “Relocation” and “Protection” provisions of US laws.
Kenneth MacKenzie is the Uncle of PFC Christian Menchaca and also is the author of this book, titled: Fruit of The Poison Tree, © June 2016. MacKenzie is also the “Attorney Pro Se” litigating lawsuits currently filed (2015) by PFC Christian Menchaca Family against US government officials and terrorists in U.S. District Court Houston, So. Dist.,Texas No. 4: 15-CV-3326 and in USCA, 5th Circuit, Case 15-20667.
Brief Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1- Al Queda Death Threat Against Family Of PFC Christian Menchaca “…SOMEONE YOU CALL YOUR FRIEND, WANTS YOU DEAD…” as emailed to the Menchaca Family House and posted on the Internet.
Chapter 2- US Court of Appeal, 5th Circuit, Case 15-20667, New Orleans, LA, Court Brief describing Nuclear Crime issues of U.S. District Court Houston, So. Dist.,Texas No. 4: 15-CV-3326; Kenneth Mackenzie, Plaintiff -Appellant, vs. Prime Minister Muammar Al-Gaddafi;
Chapter 5 – Plaintiffs’ 8 page Motion for Court issuance of ORDERS TO SHOW CAUSE to be issued to Defendant Hillary Clinton who co-operated with the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Defense in the trial of {1} U.S. Intelligence Satellite Depicted Nuclear Terrorists (1) Ibrahim al Qaraghuli, {2} U.S. Intelligence Satellite Depicted Nuclear Terrorist Kasim al Zowbai {3} U.S. Intelligence Satellite Depicted Nuclear Terrorist Nuclear terrorist Walid al Kartani;
Chapter 6 –
PLAINTIFFS’ Motions for Protective Orders: Plaintiffs motion for “Protective Orders to protect Ambassadors of the European nations of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russian Federation, and United States, United Kingdom - England, Australia, Canada, and Mexico who are interested parties in this Complaint litigation located in

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