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Publisher Description

God’s Fingerprints is a story of fulfilled promises and the unlimited reach of God in our lives. Dive deep into the incredible testimony of Alfonso Gomez, a pastor’s son. When he was five years old his father had a vision of Alfonso all grown up and preaching in Colombia South America. As Alfonso grew up in the central valley of California this vision seemed further away from ever becoming a reality. With a dark cloud coming over his generation with gangs, drugs, and alcohol, he doubted he would live to be an adult. You are invited to follow the promises of God, regardless of how dark life can become. Be a witness with us as the book reveals the fingerprints of God in our lives and the lives of our children, even when we don’t realize it. Alfonso reveals his very soul as he pours his heart out onto the pages with the intention of encouraging the body of Christ and especially it’s leaders. Like a double-edged sword, this book is written to uplift those already in Christ, and also to encourage those that are lost. Growing up with a pastor for a father allowed him to see the difficulties pastors go through in leading the charge in saving others yet fighting to keep their own families strong. Each of us has a seed of promise buried deep within us. God’s Word has been spoken over that seed, yet many do nothing in allowing that seed to grow and flourish. This book will ignite something in your soul and spirit so you can become who God intends for you to be.

Religion & Spirituality
January 17
Alfonso Gomez