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If you want to find terrific traditional western series books, this is the book for you!

This is a guide to traditional series western books. We compiled as many as we could find from Longarm to Lone Star. You'll get the reading order for each series by author, with plenty of pseudonym information too. So when you're looking through the Longarm series, and you decide you want to read the six written by Harry Whittington, you'll know which six those are. If you're a fan of James Reasoner, you'll know which Longarms he wrote too. When it comes to Reasoner, you've probably read his books without even knowing it, as he's written as Hank Mitchum, Dana Fuller Ross, Justin Ladd, Adam Rutledge, Terence Duncan, Matthew S. Hart, Colby Jackson, Wesley Ellis, William Grant, and more!

You'll discover indie authors including Lou Bradshaw and Robert J. Thomas, who have been selling like crazy. You'll also discover series you may not have known about including Jack M. Bickham writing as Jeff Clinton to pen the Wildcat O'Shea series. Those are fun books!

There are a few romance books here, too, but the focus is on traditional historical western series books by traditional western authors including Louis L'Amour, Matt Braun, Zane Grey, Joseph A. West, William W. Johnstone, J.T. Edson, Elmer Kelton, Terry C. Johnston, J. Lee Butts, and so many more. More than 300 authors!

Sample listing:

Jeff Clinton

(Jack M. Bickham)

Wildcat O'Shea
1. The Fighting Buckaroo (1961)
2. Wildcat's Rampage (1962)
3. Wildcat Against the House (1963)
4. Wildcat's Revenge (1964)
5. Wanted: Wildcat O'Shea (1966)
6. Wildcat Takes His Medicine (1966)
7. Wildcat's Witch Hunt (1967)
8. Wildcat on the Loose (1967)
9. Watch Out for Wildcat (1968)
10. Wildcat Meets Miss Melody (1968)
11. Build a Box for Wildcat (1969)
12. A Stranger Named O'Shea (1970)
13. Bounty on Wildcat (1971)
14. Wildcat's Claim to Fame (1971)
15. Hang High O'Shea (1972)

October 13
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