Home Organization, The Smart Guide ~ Make Room for Yourself in Your Home

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Has the accumulation of muck moved you out of your home? Has all that unused stuff robbed you of a truly good night’s sleep? In a recent stress management article on the website about.com, Elizabeth Scott, M.S, suggests you are not alone. According to Ms. Scott in a poll conducted on the about.com website, over a third of their readers avoid going home because of the overwhelming mess and don’t know where to begin cleaning. In contrast, less than 10 percent say their homes are clutter-free. If you fall into this majority and feel stress while at home then Home Organization ~ The Smart Guide is your antidote!

We live in a society of over-consumption but the accumulation of stuff doesn’t stop there. As noted in the above poll, we hang on to the unnecessary and this causes stress. And stress will make you physically ill, not just mentally confuse you. There is a way out and sometimes we just need a set of directions to rebuild our lives. In Home Organization ~ The Smart Guide I offer simple easy directions that guarantee successful results to move out your muck! But more than ridding your house of muck, you will find a transformed life filled with joy, peace and harmony!

If you are tired of buying things you already have, letting projects go unfinished, and/or are feeling overwhelmed with the task of ridding your home of excess, it is time to take affirmative action and you need a plan. Home Organization ~ The Smart Guide offers you that plan. Room by room, it outlines easy and painless steps that put you back into your life! It also includes 'real life' before and after organizing photos. As you read and implement the professional organizing ideas and tactics in the chapters ahead, you will find relief from the stress of being in your home. You might even find a little extra money (or lost gift cards) for a special dinner out to celebrate your new freedom!

I want to reassure you that once my clients have faced down their reluctance and implemented my plan, they begin to breathe again. Imagine leaving a day of stress filled work to arrive home at a place that offers you solace, peace, and some well-deserved R&R? You have the power to make that a reality. You have the power to make that space available. Invest in your life, purchase Home Organization ~ The Smart Guide today!

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30 July
Kathi Burns, CPO

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