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How to Travel Down the Narrow Road That Leads to Heaven The narrow road that leads to heaven is very difficult to travel. You must work hard to drive up this bumpy road and avoid running out of faith or making a wrong turn. The road to hell is wide and smooth and easy to travel down. It does not require faith, and although you may take a right or left turn at one of the intersections, all roads lead to the same place of unending torment. The purpose of this book is to give you clear directions and a biblical map you can follow to get to heaven. There are fourteen stops along the way, starting with turning away from sin and turning toward God and ending with obeying the traffic laws of life that Jesus taught. All the stops in between give you the encouragement and knowledge you need to stay on track for a successful journey. These include receiving the gift of salvation and eternal life, developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, having faith to follow Jesus, serving and loving God and your neighbor, digging deep into God’s Word, giving generously, praying continually, getting ready for the end times, and living like Christ. Once you arrive at your final destination, there is no turning back. So take time to look over the directions carefully, study the map, and read the Scriptures written on the road signs posted all along the way.

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February 18
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc

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