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Kentuckians know stories about Lincoln and Davis being brothers, but most people consider them gossip. Lincoln never said anything about his family’s history. Historians believe that because Thomas and Nancy were married at the time Lincoln was born, Thomas must be the father. Everyone knows that’s not always true.
Everything Abraham knew about his parents died with him. The Davis family wanted nothing to do with Abraham Lincoln. The adult Davis children that knew about the affair hated Nancy because they had to tell lies to their mother to prevent her from learning the truth about their father.
In 1970, Jane Davis told her family’s secret for the first time. I learned the story of Lincoln and Davis being brothers from her. I spent a decade researching her stories and concluded that her stories were accurate, and I decided to write this book.
Nancy Hanks was a rape victim. Her guardian, Elizabeth Sparrow, arranged for Nancy and a man that traveled the countryside looking for work to get married. At the time of their marriage, they barely knew each other. Thomas Lincoln turned out to be a drunken sot, and he abused Nancy. There was no love in this marriage. While Thomas Lincoln was away looking for work, Nancy Lincoln met and fell in love with Samuel Davis.
Samuel Davis was married to Jane Davis. Jane was pregnant with their tenth child (Jefferson Davis). Jane would seldom leave the bedroom, and her absence was straining their marriage. Samuel Davis met Nancy while showing his horses at an auction in Elizabethtown. They fell in love and had a baby named Abraham Lincoln.

January 3
Troy Cowan

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