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Lee had been warned about Kundalini: “Kundalini amplifies. Jack has too much anger. Kundalini will turn that anger into rage. Kundalini will overwhelm Jack, he won’t be able to handle its power.”

But Jack had been in no mood to listen to any warnings and had plowed ahead and everything seemed to be okay.

After an extended afternoon-long session of Kundalini sex every detail of which I remembered in moment-by-moment detail, Jack had wolfed down his dinner. Seconds—he might have actually tasted the pasta marinara—were consumed at normal pace. He savored his third portion.

“I hope you’re ready for tomorrow,” he noted over dessert.


“We need to have Kundalini sex again.”


He nodded and smiled.

“Don’t you think we had enough this afternoon to last a week? Better yet, a month?”

He shook his head. “Sex is integral to maintaining the awakening.”

The next day, the first step was purification: a full bottle of water down my throat and almost as much flushed through my sinus cavities. Second was breathing and visualization. Then it was on to the Crow Pose. As we did our arms-out squats, I watched Jack carefully. He seemed younger than his thirty-five years, even the streaks of grey in his dark brown hair had receded. He had lost his belly paunch. His muscles were leaner, stronger, but he wasn’t muscle-bound, in fact he’d become supple, flexible. He seemed to have grown an inch or two. His eyes and his mind appeared sharper.

Jack then led us in the Frog Pose which started by us standing with our feet slightly apart but heels angled inwards. We squatted down, pressing out outstretched fingers to the ground between the fronts of our feet. That opened up lots of stuff! Then we straightened our knees to push our butts up in the air while keeping our fingers on the ground. Jack said that the Frog Posture would open up our sacral chakras.
Next was sitting and directed breathing. Second time around, it was easier to envision a snake being drawn upwards by the force of my breath. Jack then added chanting: OM AIM Haram Hareem Kul Kundalini dahi dahi SWAHA. I tried to follow as best I could. After twenty minutes, I started to feel comfortable in the sequence of words timed with my breathing and a vibration started at the bottom of my spine, strengthened and began to move up a vertebra with each succeeding chant.
One moment I was floating, relaxed then a bolt of lightning thundered up my spine and smashed into my head. The lightning surged out ever orifice—eyes, ears, mouth, nose. It surged over and over and over, so long that I lost count. My whole body tensed rigid. I couldn’t breathe. I must have lost consciousness because I started to be able to see again, but blurry. And the “I” was inaccurate; I had no sense of who I was or where I was or what had happened before.
The man opposite me was writhing on the floor, having a seizure of some sort. I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t move. And then he didn’t need help. He was standing. And even six feet away, I could feel his sexual power.

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July 29
Jason Pinaster

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