Nomad Capitalist - How to Reclaim your Freedom - Andrew Henderson Nomad Capitalist - How to Reclaim your Freedom - Andrew Henderson

Nomad Capitalist - How to Reclaim your Freedom - Andrew Henderson

How to Reclaim your Freedom

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Publisher Description

The world has changed forever.

Governments have expanded their reach over their citizens’ lives.
Power is being consolidated by an elite few.
The world economy has become more volatile and unpredictable.
Meanwhile, the internet, a globalizing world economy, and the emergence of the developing world all present opportunities to any businessman or investor willing to make simple changes to their life. Geography is no longer a limitation for those willing to follow Andrew Henderson’s ‘Five Magic Words’ and “Go where you’re treated best.”

As the world’s most sought-after expert on offshore tax planning, second passports, and global citizenship - cited by the BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN, Fox Business, and more - Mr. Henderson has condensed over a decade of investigative world travel into an unprecedented book to show entrepreneurs and investors another way to live that will enable them to keep more of their own money, live where they want, become citizens of the world, and improve their lives and the planet.

Direct. Honest. Experienced. Unapologetic. Practical. Transparent. Even funny. The Nomad Capitalist will show you how to take Mr. Henderson’s “EKG” formula to:

ENHANCE your personal lifestyle
KEEP more of your money, and
GROW your money by living, investing, banking, and doing business overseas.
From foreign companies to offshore accounts and from overseas investments to dual citizenship, Andrew will introduce you to a life of international proportions, storing gold in super-secret vaults, finding love in exotic locations, and improving everything from your health to your tax bill by simply “going where you’re treated best.”

And the second edition of Nomad Capitalist will give you more than ever before. You will get:

More how-to information, strategies, and countries to implement into your offshore plan,
TWO completely NEW CHAPTERS on renouncing US citizenship and cryptocurrency
Updates throughout the entire book
FOUR completely revamped chapters on second passports, relationships, tax savings, and more.
How-To Action Plans at the end of every chapter, and
A brand new ending that will help you start your own personalized offshore journey.
Will this book answer your unique questions about how your business can transfer price IP from Montenegro to Canada using staffing companies and GILTI? No. No book written for the general public can give you a complete and fully personalized strategy for going offshore. Nor should it. This book is not a substitute for the professional help you need to do everything the 100% legal way that Mr. Henderson promotes.

What it will give you is a vision of what's possible, including second passport opportunities, offshore banking countries to use (and avoid), specific jurisdictions to consider for business and investment, and the basic framework you will need to legally lower your taxes and build the life of your dreams overseas.

You will also get a look at the life of the Nomad Capitalist himself and the kind of boots-on-the-ground anecdotes and personal experiences that helped him gain the knowledge he has used to help hundreds of people go where they’re treated best.

If you want to thrive in today’s world, start here. Those who want complete freedom from the world’s broken systems must become Nomad Capitalists themselves, learning to navigate the world system to reclaim their freedom and rediscover the possibilities of capitalism’s greatest promises.

Get the book to see how.

27 May
Jose Paez

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