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Are you struggling to stay on track with your diet and exercise routine? Do work and family obligations interfere with your gym time?

In Sink or Swing: Working Out When Life Isn’t Working Out, author Chad V. Holtkamp spent a year experimenting to develop the perfect exercise plan. After achieving success, he struggled with the interruptions of life and his father’s lung cancer diagnosis. By applying his methods of kettlebell training and working out in the face of hardship, you’ll find exactly the tools you need to power through any obstacle.

In Sink or Swing, you’ll discover:
How to stop jumping from one fitness program to the next and commit to your planThe methods behind the 40 Days + 10,000 swings workout programThe steps you can take to evaluate and overcome life’s roadblocksHow to keep fitness a priority when you’re working through an injuryHow to stay true to your health commitment even in the face of personal tragedy, and much, much more!
This inspirational fitness memoir is the second volume of the Home Gym Strong series, which teaches you how to tackle the biggest threats to your healthy lifestyle. If you like humorous accounts of fitness journeys, proven action steps, and tips for coping with challenges, then you’ll love Chad V. Holtkamp’s guide to workout perseverance.

Buy Sink or Swing to gain the courage you need to get in awesome shape today!

Health & Well-Being
26 October
Briefcase Media Group

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