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After the book 2023
Abbigal Lucille Davis went on to work less on her pageant career and more on her musical career. Today Abby is twenty-eight and works in her newlymade theater in Boston along with her husband Reed Havens and two children six year old Lily and and four year Edd. When Abby was twenty-two she started The Color Yellow Foundation which helps kids with physical and mental disabilities have fun with sports and even join sport teams. Abby and her family reside in New Jersey along with three horses and two dogs.
Hillary Davis eventually remarried to Simon Lugar and is a speaker for The Color Yellow Foundation. Hillary prefers to keep her age hidden but with her new husband came his twelve year old son Fisher. Hillary, Simon and Fisher all live together in Colorado with their one cat, Hugo.
Hailee Rombart and Nicole stayed best friends their entire life. Hailee is thirty-three years old and has never married. She says she is too busy for that kind of lame thing. Hailee spends most of her time working on designing clothing lines or spends it in Paris which she calls, The most beautiful city in the world. Hailee lives in the heart of New York City with three pet turtles and one cat.
Nicole Marie Davis has gone back every single year to the Arizona golfing tournament. And four years ago she got first place. Thirty-two year old Nicole has since retired from professional golfing but still plays every Sunday with her husband and two sons and daughter.
Nicole met Daniel Frost when he first was a competitor and as Daniel says, She was the most beautiful person there. I knew I loved her. Nicole and Daniel married April 26th, 2014 and had Christopher Thomas November 30th, 2015, Suzanne Edi July 19th, 2017 and Marcus James April 11th, 2020. Eight year old Chriss favorite pastime is playing football with his dad or riding his bike. Six year old Suzie loves to play with dolls and hang out with her friends. Marcus loves to do anything with his mom. He especialy loves to bake cookies and is an expert three year old chef.
Nicole and her family reside in the same small town in Arizona Nicole grew up in. I never have remembered that day, Nicole says, Maybe it is because I dont want to remember. I am happy with my life now and I dont need that day to make me happy. Once a month I visit my dads grave alone. I tell him what is happening with the kids and whats going on in life. I usually sit in silence with him. I like to find peace by being near him. I never have brought myself back to Steves Golf Hut. It closed down about ten years ago, but was never torn down. I hope one day I can go back there, just not yet. I have had a few health issues since the accident but mostly minor ones, nothing life threatening. Nicole never has regained her sight.
About three years ago, I was asked to do a talk for a local radio station. Here are a couple of the questions:
Q. Do you still golf?
A. I no longer golf professionally but I still golf all the time.
Q. Did you ever go back to the place of the accident?
A. No I never went back. There are too many bad memories there.
Q. What is your life like now?
A. My life is very hectic now, especially raising three kids under nine. I learned to adjust pretty well.
Q. When you say adjust, what do you mean?
A. I had to learn how to make dinner and do chores. I also learned how to figure skate, and paint, and even take photographs. It was not an easy transition for any of that.
Q. If you could go back and change one thing in you life, what would it be?
A. I would change the day my father died. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time. There is so much I wish I could reverse or change. I wish I had more time with my Dad or could see my mom one last time or tell Abby not to go on that bike when she was sixteen and she broke her arm. I wish I could change the past, but its too late. I have this saying, Life is us. It is different and difficult. It is happy and sad. It is

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