What A Girl Wants (Friends to Lovers, RomCom‪)‬

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FINALIST: IAN (Independent Author Network) Book of the Year Award

Maddie Saunders has a plan.

Her philosophy: "Life's a beach, and then you have sex on it."

Maddie lands a joint magazine assignment to Hawaii with the man whose kiss could singe the eyebrows of a mannequin, her friend, Alex Donovan. She's packing a new attitude to match her new erotic lingerie. She plans to turn her triple-X fantasies into reality for a no-strings-attached situationship.

The impossibly gorgeous Alex Donovan has secrets. 

His philosophy: To live by the four-date maximum rule.

Alex enjoys Maddie's playful wit and values their platonic relationship. He shipped her into the friend zone years ago. He knows firsthand how sex destroys friendships. But since arriving in Hawaii, her continuous flirting and guerilla seduction tactics make it hard—literally—to keep her in the platonic zone.

Spoiler Alert: He resists until an encounter of the steamiest kind drowns his resolve into the Pacific.

Complicated? Absolutely. Especially when his investigative reporter's sixth sense flares up. He discovers the truth about the Hawaiian assignment. He also uncovers deep secrets that take his and Maddie's lives down drastically different paths.

Will their newfound relationship and trust in each other shatter into irreparable damage once the secrets are revealed?

Warning: Side effects may include but are not limited to spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter, hot flashes and intense sex, and chocolate cravings. Read in bed with someone special or a B.O.B. Please note: Batteries not included.

Editorial Reviews:

"This was a funny, mysterious, and sexy friends-to-lovers story. It pretty much had everything you'd want for pure indulgence. This was my first book by this author, and I thought the characters were really well written, and I absolutely love this author's style of writing."

Totally Booked Blog

"Selena Robins has an excellent voice that makes Maddie such a wonderfully hilarious woman. There are more twists and turns in What a Girl Wants to keep the reader on their toes. The emotions between Alex and Maddie are poetically conveyed while providing the extra spice to make it beautifully erotic. What A Girl Wants is one that should be near the top of any TBR list."

Delane, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More.

 "Selena Robins' plots are deliciously fun. Full of antics and compromising situations. She does an excellent job blending humor into her romance with an undercurrent of mystery."

New York Times & USA Today Best-Selling Author, Kimberley Troutte

"I love Selena's funny, sexy, and suspenseful characters, plots, and the way she writes the characters' emotions. It made me an insta-fan of Selena's work, and whatever she writes in the future, I'll be sure to buy."

USA Today Best-Selling Author, Cari Quinn

"Selena Robins brings supreme wit, honesty, and amazing characterization to all her writing. If you love novels with laugh-out-loud humor and fully realized, in-depth characters, you can't go wrong with Selena Robins."

Award-Winning, Novelist, Denise A. Agnew

30 March
Selena Robins

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