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There have been many who believed the world would erupt into another major war ever since World War Two ended. First, the consensus was that since both the United States and Russia had nuclear weapons that they would eventually destroy themselves and everything on the planet.

This almost came to fruition in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis when Russia tried to place missile silos in Cuba. Fortunately Russia stood down at the last minute and removed them before further damage was done.

Humans , for the most part have a fatalistic attitude, many are always looking for the end of the world and time as we know it. Every time we reach some sort of landmark such as the millennium , the end of an ancient calendar, a time when the stars are lined up in a particular position or any other “sign” ,many see it as the end times.

As much as many think they will see the end of the world,nothing could be farther from the truth, the earth has always been here and will be here for eternity. Civilizations come and go, but humanity and the planet always survive. However,this isn’t to say there aren’t going to be changes in lifestyles,climates and political views.

We have entered such a period in time and it could be referred to Armageddon,or World War Three. Whether or not it has anything to do with the Mayan Calendar ending and beginning a new cycle, it doesn’t matter,things are a changin’. My own personal opinion is that the Mayans knew something and thus their calendar reflects that. Everything in creation follows certain cycles and patterns,history does repeat itself until we finally “get it right”.

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November 4
The Florida Hoosier

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