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E.M. Bounds spent last years of his life writing what amounted to an encyclopedia of prayer. Edward McKendree Bounds prominently known as E.M. Bounds, was an American author, attorney, and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South clergy. He is known for writing 11 books, nine of which focused on the subject of prayer.

Leonard Ravenhill was born in 1907 in the city of Leeds, in Yorkshire, England. After his conversion to Christ, he was trained for the ministry at Cliff College. It soon became evident that evangelism was his forte, and he engaged it with both vigor and power. Eventually he became one of England's foremost outdoor evangelists. His meetings in the war years drew traffic jamming crowds in Britain, and great numbers of his converts not only followed the Savior into the Kingdom, but into Christian ministry and the world's mission fields. In 1939 he married an Irish nurse named Martha. Together they had three sons. Paul and David are ministers, and Philip is a teacher. Leonard went home to be with the Lord in November of 1994.

I believe these are the follow book titles that Ravenhill studied, edited and included in THIS BOOK "TREASURY of PRAYER,

(1) Power through Prayer

(2) The Necessity of Prayer

(3) Prayer and Praying Men

(4) The Weapon of Prayer

(5) Purpose in Prayer

(6) The Reality of Prayer

(7) The Weapon of Prayer

As a chaplain in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War, Bounds initiated weekly prayer sessions to strengthen the spiritual state of his local area. His wisdom has impacted Christ-seekers for decades, and his words are as powerful now as they were in the 1800's. Bounds reminds us that throughout Biblical history, many of God's greatest movements were incited by the prayers of God's people. According to Bounds, prayer must be a priority.

Leonard Ravenhill studied the works of E. M. Bounds on prayer and made each book a chapter in this book, the treasury of prayer. Only the riches nuggets of truth could survive Ravenhill's spirit guided editing. What you get is rich, concise, and moving.

Almost every sentence is profound, every paragraph can be life changing. All you have to do is read it and believe it, then do it..

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