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Sufism - a mystical within Islam. However, Sufi Islam is only the outer shell - they accept all religions. Their goal is knowledge of the truth through love and union with God, regardless of religion.
A little story, an anecdote, a parable - a favorite genre of Sufi monks - dervishes. Their task was not to explain to students the hidden meaning of things, but only encourage them to understand the truth.
This book contains the most vivid stories of dervishes in the form of philosophical miniatures and literary anecdotes.
For a wide range of readers.
In your hands is an unusual book. It collected wisdom of the ages, passed from mouth to mouth by many generations. Sufi monks - dervishes - used such small stories for the instruction of their students. Tales were told them a parable often allegorical explanation for the hidden meaning of events.
"If you are not a donkey, or How to learn the Sufi" opens a new series of books "Library of Dr. Norbekova." Why the choice fell on this book? The fact that Mirzakarim Norbekov is a follower of the Sufi tradition. Introducing "The Sufi anecdotes," he seemed to himself carrying on a conversation with your readers and students and gives each priceless nuggets of ancient wisdom.
What can be compared to the parable?
It is like a ripe fruit. The fruit of this is fine, its aroma is intoxicating, view pleases the eye. But they can not enjoy forever, because beauty fades very quickly, fruit peels ssohnetsya, it will become flabby and will start to rot.
Do not let him become so - to bite into it with his teeth, drink its juice and pulp to absorb! Go deeper into it, because it is valuable for its depths. Give fetus incredible opportunity - to become part of a person! Let him pour in you new strength, so that you could work again and be happy.
But the flesh - not all. Fetus has a bone, and in it, in the depths - a tasty grain. Reach him, go to the innermost essence!
And now, dear reader, to apply all the above parable.

Religión y espiritualidad
febrero 26
Olexandr Ptashkogray
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