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Teachers:  Did you ever want to engage your students in the learning process by creating exciting interactive lessons?  Have you ever thought about creating an interactive yearbook or publishing your student’s work in the iTunes Store?  

iBooks Author allows you to include stunning photos, videos, and audio, and interactive widgets that will bring your stories to life!  A seasoned educator with over 20 years of experience, Andrea has helped students become best-selling authors and she wants to inspire you to do the same!

Student to Superstar: A Teacher’s Guide to Using iBooks Author is an excellent resource for educators of any content area and level.  This interactive book will guide educators through the process of developing a creative project plan, corresponding rubrics, and effective assessments for your interactive projects.  Examples of lesson objectives, rubrics, parental consent, and assessments from her own lessons will be provided so you may use them as an example to develop your own!  Andrea will also discuss the best practices to complete your projects in the most time efficient manner.

Also, this unique multi-touch book includes the student’s version of Student to Superstar: A Kid’s Guide to Using iBooks Author along with teacher’s notes and tips that will help you inspire students of all ages to follow their dreams of writing, designing and publishing their multi-touch book using iBooks Author.  

Why settle for general information about publishing with iBooks Author, when you can get a educator’s perspective who will guide you from the start of your project to completion based on her personal experiences?  What are you waiting for?  You can become published too!

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octubre 20
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Andrea Santilli

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