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The Fourth Reich has risen. Now, James Trevellian, leader of the Reich and the most powerful man on Earth, will be faced with a decision. He will be forced to choose between hate and love, and his decision will ultimately decide the fate of humanity ...

It's 1944.

As the Allies close in on Nazi Germany on all fronts, dark forces gather at Wewelsburg Castle in Germany to hatch a devious plot to continue the Nazi cause.

Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (SS), and leader of the Nazi occult order, meets with his twelve occult knights, high-ranking Nazi generals, at Wewelsburg.

Himmler tasks them with undertaking a covenant to escape Germany and set up an arms-manufacturing company, Trevellian Enterprises, as a front for the Fourth Reich, using Nazi gold and war loot. Thousands of Nazis escape to Argentina where they establish a vast underground base. In the decades that follow, the Fourth Reich reaches unparalleled technological, ideological and military power.

It's 2012.

A new  superpower has appeared on the world map, with vast armies of genetically perfected Nazi warriors, a powerful fleet of submarines and nuclear weapons at its command.

The Reich's leader, James Trevellian, a man of unquestioned commitment, not only seems destined to marshal the Reich to military victory, but he is also on the cusp of completing Himmler's unrealised dream of finding the Holy Grail, believed to be an occult object of vast power.

As Trevellian is about to travel to Russia to unlock the secrets of the Grail, Ben Hariri, Director of Operations of Israel's secret service and a dogged Nazi hunter, learns of Trevellian's plans, and devises a cunning operation to capture him. Hariri sends in two of his finest: irresistible Agent Anna Leonova, and ruthless hunter Agent Fox.

A thrilling race unfolds from Moscow to the southern Urals, Dubai, Iran, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and back to where it all began, Wewelsburg Castle.

But when alluring Agent Anna infiltrates Trevellian's ranks and gets close to the Nazi leader, there are unexpected consequences as the two souls collide.

As Trevellian stands on the brink of victory, he will learn an earth-shattering family secret that will force him to confront his greatest challenge yet, and to decide the world's fate.

The Wewelsburg Covenant is a fast-paced occult novel, filled with action and suspense that weaves a thrill-a-minute plot around the fascinating real history of the Nazi occult and the hunt for the Holy Grail.

Misterio y suspenso
mayo 17
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