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The book is Good Sense. It has described the Atheism Superstition What is God? To adore God is to adore a fiction Atheism is authorised by the infinity of God Believing not safer than not believing in God Theology must be instilled before the age of reason Atheism leaves men to Sense to Philosophy to Laws to Reputation all which may be guides to moral Virtue the Religion were not but Superstition dismounts all these and erects an absolute Monarchy in the Minds of Men. Therefore Atheism did never perturb States; but Superstition hath been the confusion of many. The causes of Superstition are pleasing and sensual rights and Ceremonies; Excess of Pharisaical and outside holiness Reverence to traditions and the stratagems of prelates for their own ambition and lucre. Lord Bacon. When we examine the opinions of men we find that nothing is more uncommon than common sense; or in other words they lack judgment to discover plain truths or to reject absurdities and palpable contradictions. We have an example of this in Theology a system revered in all countries by a great number of men; an object regarded by them as most important and indispensable to happiness. An examination of the principles upon which this pretended system is founded forces us to acknowledge that these principles are only suppositions imagined by ignorance propagated by enthusiasm or knavery adopted by timid credulity preserved by custom which never reasons and revered solely because not understood.

Religion & Spirituality
January 1
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