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This is a biographical fiction book. The author presents facts in a most attractive framework of fiction, and imbues the whole with his peculiar humor. The illustrations are numerous and of more than usual excellence. Abraham Lincoln has become the typical character of American institutions, and it is the purpose of this book, which is a true picture in a framework of fiction, to show how that character, which so commanded the hearts and the confidence of men, was formed. He who in youth unselfishly seeks the good of others, without fear or favor, may be ridiculed, but he makes for himself a character fit to govern others, and one that the people will one day need and honor. The secret of Abraham Lincoln's success was the 'faith that right makes might'. This principle the book seeks by abundant story-telling to illustrate and make clear. In this volume, as in the 'Log School-House on the Columbia', the adventures of a pioneer school-master are made to represent the early history of a newly settled country. The 'Log School-House on the Columbia' gave a view of the early history of Oregon and "Washington. This volume collects many of the Indian romances and cabin tales of the early settlers of Illinois, and pictures the hardships and manly struggles of one who by force of early character made himself the greatest of representative Americans.

1 January
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