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In this novel, Upward's star character, Andrea V taken up mission to prevent Russian - Japanese war or if failed prevent this war from spreading to England.

Allen Upward as usual; successful in sustaining my interest & preventing me from taking a break till i finished reading this up.

Various element of emotion introduced in this story. Terror, over confidence, cautious, love, respect, admire, betrayal, fulfilling.

The author potraying human weakness by naiveity of Mr V by to the presence of a Grand Duke of Russia. ( Mr V thought nobody will attempt to drugged his drink at HIH presence which caused him to miss a midnite train to Siberia) This gave a realistic emotion of MR V which i thought will relate well with the readers. Same went to his regret of Princess Sophia Y death; who saves his life & he took hers. (Princess Sophia working for enemy)

In this book, differ from his other book;( secret revelation of diplomatic spies) his main character been surpriaed again& again by enemy, traitor , unseen circumstances, by the intelligent of other spies, by love professed to him & by his exaltation as His Imperial Highness Prince Matsukata of Japan. ( Where he was adopted later in this story & gave him a parent he yearned to have)

Mr Upward successful again in this attempt. Bcoz he outsmarted me. Eventhough i thought i can predict the end, but hell no he managed to plotted this to end in unpredictably different way. Read this you will understand what i mean.

He even managed to make me smiled during the part of Mr V being interrogated by Kaiser Wilhelm II. How many book can make you smile during this kind of part? Yet he did it. And he sealed this smile of mine by amusing & belittling the Kaiser. Haha.

Not every writer can managed to manouvre this kind of plot effectively. He was a great author. I could understand his frustation when he lost Nobel prize award to George Bernard Shaw.

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January 1
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