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About Rha Goddess

Brooklyn-native Rha Goddess has spent her career trying to bridge the gap between hip-hop, spoken word, and political activism. A former spokesperson for KRS-One's Zulu Nation, Rha Goddess has also worked tirelessly as a community activist and a university lecturer, and has worked alongside KRS-One in creating the Temple of Hip-hop.

On top of her commitment to social consciousness, Rha Goddess has also carved out a respectable music career. She has worked alongside rappers, such as Chuck D, as well as spoken word artists, such as the Last Poets. Rha Goddess also coined the term "floetry," which she defines as a fusion of poetry and music. In 2000, she released her first solo album, Soulah Vibe, and is working on a follow-up solo project scheduled for release in 2002. ~ Jon Azpiri