13 Short Bible Stories For Kids Book 2 13 Short Bible Stories For Kids Book 2

13 Short Bible Stories For Kids Book 2

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           Finally, the story is told of a boy who grew up to love science, however, when he had finished high school, his parents did not have any money to send him to college. The boy then decided to do some science experiment by himself during the time he was out. He got a clean bottle and filled it with clear water and then he added some blue coloring to the water. He noticed that the water had changed color. It was no more clear but slightly blue. Nothing he did could turn the blue colored water to something clear. Although it was not the full amount of blue coloring added, it was strong enough to infiltrate the clear and clean water in the bottle. The boy learned a science lesson that day. 

           And this is how it is with us, humans. No amount of goodness we do in life can cover our sins or make us clean. The truth is only the blood of Jesus Christ can make us clean. It washes us white and allows us to become whiter than snow. This is a mystery, in that, how can someone be washed in the blood and become whiter than snow. But the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us so we become righteous and without sin. It is as though we had never sinned before in our life. Remember Jesus is the Lord of heaven and earth and is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. This is not a physical cleansing, but a spiritual one. And that is how we are washed, cleansed, and made free in Jesus. 

           It does not matter what anyone tells us, or even where we may find ourselves in life. Remember that whosoever the Son (Jesus) sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

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