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Are you tired of starting a new diet and then disappointing yourself every time? Do you feel that no matter how motivated you are, you will always fall back into the trap of out-of-control eating?

If you're overweight now, own it. You have fat, but you don't have to say you are fat. It's not your identity unless you want it to be. What you are is a complex human being who can make choices to improve your life at any time - even right now.

In this book, you won't find a list of top 10 metabolism boosters. You won't find any magic or any quick fixes to make your belly flat just in time for the weekend. And I won't encourage you to avoid one food group like the plague or buy a new set of tiny crockery or pray the fat away.

What you can expect from this challenge is a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to shaking off some of the dieting industry's BS and trying to remember what our bodies know. We'll look at common-sense ways to gradually and safely lose weight that honor our instincts, not go against them.

The 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge will help you to:

Realize that right now you have fat, as opposed to being fat. It's not your identity; it's a temporary state, a choice.
Explore and understand the excuses and reasons that keep you overweight. Why aren't you more active? Why aren't you eating healthier? Why do you eat when your body isn't hungry?
Estimate your caloric requirements, the sweet spot where you slowly but steadily lose weight without feeling hungry and miserable all the time
Let go of magic pills, shakes, and other stuff in the dieting industry that colleagues and that skinny YouTube chick want you to believe in.
Take responsibility for loving, respecting, and nourishing your body

Francie Wyck
hr min
January 26
Kemah Bay Marketing LLC

Customer Reviews

River_Thompson ,


This is a very helpful guide to learn how to develop healthier eating habits, exceeded my expectations!

Lizeth Amaya C. ,


I've listened to about 4 or 5 of these 21 day challenge books now..this one was great as well...it covers most topics that come to mind and are a concern for those of use trying to lose weight. I found the day that talked about hunger to be exceptionally helpful..really good information; and like usual, I enjoy the day to dat format..makes it way easier to implement.

Rose Morgan A. ,

highly recommended

This book is full of tips for healthy lifestyle AND mindset changes. Can recommend it for anyone who's tired of struggling with their weight.