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Thing 1: There is no such thing as the free market.
Thing 4: The washing machine has changed the world more than the Internet.
Thing 5: Assume the worst about people, and you get the worst.
Thing 13: Making rich people richer doesn't make the rest of us richer.

If you've wondered how we did not see the economic collapse coming, Ha-Joon Chang knows the answer: We didn't ask what they didn't tell us about capitalism. This is a lighthearted book with a serious purpose: to question the assumptions behind the dogma and sheer hype that the dominant school of neoliberal economists - the apostles of the freemarket - have spun since the Age of Reagan.

Chang, the author of the international best seller Bad Samaritans, is one of the world's most respected economists, a voice of sanity - and wit - in the tradition of John Kenneth Galbraith and Joseph Stiglitz.

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism equips listeners with an understanding of how global capitalism works - and doesn't. In his final chapter, "How to Rebuild the World", Chang offers a vision of how we can shape capitalism to humane ends, instead of becoming slaves of the market.

Ha-Joon Chang teaches in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge. His books include the best-selling Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism. His Kicking Away the Ladder received the 2003 Myrdal Prize, and, in 2005, Chang was awarded the Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.

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Customer Reviews

posimosh ,

Read your history kids....

Other reviews will surely say that the author has "no idea what it's like to be an American." These people should not be considered an authority on the topic because the author, despite his name, is an American and he teaches at one of America's finest universities (and my Alma-mater). This an excellent discussion of capitalism, a word whose mention may cause people to fall in to hysterics while failing to see the space for critique of an economic philosophy who has advanced many peoples' lives while ruining countless others. This is an important debate that needs to be based on more than simply reading the cover of a book.

orchidguy ,

Wow- a "got to read".

Ever wondered if the free market is such a good thing why you are still poor and/or becoming poorer? Well here you go....23 reasons.
This guy has to get out there and make his points to the public; before the rich start taking your kidneys as they can do more with them then you, as a poor person, could.

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