30 Day Alcohol Reboot: Rethink Your Drinking, Reset Your Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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Whether you want to quit drinking for good or for just 30 days, the 30 Day Alcohol Reboot will help you to achieve your goals. You will learn how to prepare yourself and your environment, how to build and maintain your motivation, and what you can expect in your first month of alcohol freedom. This program will then lead you step-by-step through each of the four crucial weeks to finally break your alcohol habit. This no-nonsense guide will help you to rediscover happiness and create permanent and positive change in your life.

You will learn:

Who should take the 30 day alcohol reboot?
What's the big idea of only 30 days?
How to maximize your motivation before the 30 day alcohol reboot begins?
Learn about the benefits of drinking alcohol
Learn about incredible life benefits quitting drinking alcohol for 30 days will bring you
How much impact can you have on your alcohol habit after only 30 days?
Can you reboot your alcohol habit after just 30 days?
Will your alcohol tolerance levels be reset after 30 days?
Learn how your own expectations can feed your fears and what you can do about it
Learn how long it takes for every drop of alcohol to leave your system and why that matters
We'll explore what you can expect once you quit and how to accelerate the process
How your alcohol metabolic process creates much more potent toxins in your body
What are the short term dangers of alcohol withdrawal?
How to cope with alcohol withdrawal?
How can you know for sure you won't go through the DTs?
Which of these common obstacles will you face and how to deal with them?
Is it important that you visit a doctor before you start this 30 day challenge? Why?
Who can safely quit drinking alcohol on their own?
How to create compelling plans for your 30 day challenge and beyond
What you should know about preparing your body and mind to achieve the best results
How to engineer your perfect quitting alcohol environment
How to deal with the helpful and not-so-helpful people in your life and how they will react to your booze-free life
How to choose the best time to start this challenge
How to increase your overall chances of success by finding a reboot partner
How to measure your progress for the best results
The critical mistakes to avoid leading up to your challenge
How to make the days leading up to your challenge much more effective
How to prepare the night before to kickstart your challenge for maximum results
What are some great choices for alcohol replacements?
What you should expect from your first week alcohol free?
Do you sincerely want to quit drinking long-term? Here's how!

Kevin O'Hara
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February 13
Kevin O'Hara

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