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Become the strongest version of yourself today!

Do you possess any of these traits?

Extremely anxious at parties?
Shy around women?
People never listen to you?
Lack the ability to fully express yourself?
Take jokes too seriously?
Constantly in the dreaded friend zone?
Neurotic approval seeking?

Any of these sound familiar?

If they do, then there is work to be done.

For a long time, I found myself possessing the majority of those traits. I thought, "This is just who I am. I can't change that."

Wrong. So Wrong.

Most of these traits were handed to me, and probably you too, without request. With the way our society is organized (media, school, parents, etc.), these character traits proliferate. However, it wasn't until I started Un-Learning, that I truly became the well-rounded confident man I am today. Free and fulfilled in ways you can't currently imagine. But you will be able to soon....

Here's what you'll learn....

What is an alpha male? A modern perspective
The psychology of the alpha
How society encourages man-children
What does true confidence look like?
Grounded: Finding your strength
Women: Bringing out the masculine energy
Killing your father: Becoming the man
Leading your tribe: Where it all started
How to instantly increase your confidence
And much, much more!

The principles you will learn in this book are VERY powerful, when properly and consistently implemented. I've seen some of the most Beta guys turn their entire life around in no time.

This is very potent stuff, but it requires an action taker to make it work. As the saying goes, I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it.

Download now and awaken the alpha in you!

J. Alexander
hr min
November 16
Sean Lysaght

Customer Reviews

Way Way Sr ,

Way way Sr

I loved this book!! It’s a must read for all men and boys. What I liked the most about this book was his authentic expression of the alpha male. “ A man must go all the way!!!!” Loved that Quote in this book.

Mbradyb3 ,

Wonderful listen!

I very much enjoyed this audiobook and do believe my life will be changed in a positive way! The lives around me as well!

Elisha Muhammad ,

The 40 laws

I've got to admit the author has simply outdone himself in this book, it is definitely a good read.

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