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Are you finding it too hard to get fashionable and branded clothes for your kids on budget? 

Are you looking out for ways to reduce your clothing budget with regard to kids? 

Do you find yourselves spending lot of money on kids' clothing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you....

50 Things to Know to Purchase Children’s Clothes on Budget by Siny Sebastian offers numerous creative ways and tips that can help you to buy good branded kids clothes without making a dent in your family budget.

Most books that deal with finance will tell you about the best practices that can be followed in general for clothing as a whole but nothing much in explanatory mode about how to stretch your budget with regard to kids' clothing. Indeed, it is hard to find a multitude of tips regarding this topic in one place. You need to search a whole lot of them if you need to get more, and that is too time consuming.

Although there's nothing wrong with that, it would always be lot better if you have a multitude of tips at your fingertips in one place. This way you can explore all the options one by one from one place since more information is always better.

On top, these tips are based on knowledge from the world's leading experts in this niche, the mommies! 

In this book you'll discover clever tactics for reducing kids' clothing budgets that are fun and enjoyable for both you and your family.

Furthermore, this book will help you to purchase kids' clothes at a fraction of their retail prices by giving you some super cool tips and simple advice that will help you to solve this parenting dilemma. What you need is a bit of creativity, and Internet connection, and an eye for detail. That’s all, and then with these, you can get affordable clothes for kids that will help you to save money while being totally in fashion.

Ethel Pitchford
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August 8
CZYK Publishing