9 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with an Emotionally Immature Man: Transcend Mediocrity, Book 97 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Many of my listeners write to me with their stories - they are stuck in a relationship with an emotionally immature man, or they are in love with one and they don't know what to do.

It is difficult to pick and choose who we fall in love with. Sometimes, there is just a strong chemistry that pulls us together and attracts us to another person. We become strongly addicted to our partner like an addict is drawn to his drug of choice. We struggle to walk away from the relationship and cut the ties to the other person because our heart doesn't want to face the truth of the matter: that maybe they aren't fit for a relationship at their very core.

There are many relationships that have a mix of personality types, which seem to be heading for failure. There is the relationship between the neuro-typical woman and the Asperger's man. The extreme male brain of the Asperger's man never seems to be understood by his partner. She becomes increasingly frustrated with the way that he thinks, as he becomes increasingly frustrated that she wants empathy, understanding, and emotional validation. The two speak a completely different language due to the more primitive and more traditional brain wiring of the male in these relationships, and the more emotional and social brain of the woman.

There are the relationships between narcissistic men and borderline, OCPD, or codependent women. Many women were raised by a father who was a narcissistic, workaholic, or OCPD (obsessive compulsive personality disordered). Their fathers either over-nurtured and spoiled them or expected perfection of them at all times. They became engrained in their attempts to find a mate who was much like their father: narcissistic, OCPD, and rigid. The woman becomes borderline narcissistic, codependent, or OCPD herself. She is subsequently attracted to the same type of emotionally invalidating man as her father was to her.

This audiobook seeks to teach one partner in the relationship how to relate to and cope with a partner who has limited emotional maturity and capability. It seeks to give better clarity while taking into consideration the cognitive, emotional, and social deficits that are engrained in the partner's brain. It should take some of the anxiety and pressure from the more social and emotional partner by shedding some light on the fact that they are not the ones with the deficiency, despite what their partner is telling them.

Phil Baker
hr min
December 8
JB Snow Publishing

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