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Pulitzer Prize finalist Lydia Millet's sublime new novel—her first since the National Book Award long-listed Sweet Lamb of Heaven—follows a group of 12 eerily mature children on a forced vacation with their families at a sprawling lakeside mansion.

Contemptuous of their parents, who pass their days in a stupor of liquor, drugs, and sex, the children feel neglected and suffocated at the same time. When a destructive storm descends on the summer estate, the group's ringleaders—including Eve, who narrates the story—decide to run away, leading the younger ones on a dangerous foray into the apocalyptic chaos outside.

As the scenes of devastation begin to mimic events in the dog-eared picture Bible carried around by her beloved little brother, Eve devotes herself to keeping him safe from harm.

A Children's Bible is a prophetic, heartbreaking story of generational divide—and a haunting vision of what awaits us on the far side of Revelation.

Xe Sands
hr min
May 12
Dreamscape Media

Customer Reviews

The Red Wheelbarrow ,

Hard Pass

Unbelievable plot line and insufferable characters.

The author preens while perching herself on her shallow personal/political soap box nearly the entire book. She tries to hide it behind the promise of an interesting story idea but she just can’t resist brandishing her imagined holier-than-thou, morally superior, arrogance. She ruined the clever idea for this book by not learning how to get out of the way. Not to mention, the protagonist is at once cruel and boring. I could have given zero f’s if anyone in the book survived. I was actually hoping they wouldn’t just so something would happen. Shall I continue? The plot points and “twists” were so basic and downright silly that I laughed out loud at some of them.

I will say that her use of language and choice of words were wonderfully poetic at times. Other than that this was a complete waste of time and money. The entire book was just a loooooong boring lecture by a writer who has clearly not experienced any life outside her entitled bubble and yet wishes to deflect from that by chastising her readers and cardboard stand-in characters.

It’s unbelievable this has won any awards. Goes to show that a good idea can take you a long way, even if the execution is completely botched.

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