A Dater's Guide to Interpreting Body Language: Master the Secrets of Non-Verbal Communication While Flirting & Dating (Unabridged‪)‬

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A Dater’s Guide to Interpreting Body Language

Interpreting body language, reading microexpressions, gauging honesty; these sound like training for a field agent in the FBI, right? Believe it or not, learning to do these things can help you date more successfully.

Body language is universal. Two people who don’t speak the same language can often interpret the intention and actions of others. Sure, a wink or smile is easy to recognize as flirting, but what about which direction her toes are pointing?

In A Dater’s Guide to Interpreting Body Language, you will be given a thorough course on how to interpret body language, read micro-expressions and feel confident either he or she is into you or not.

Starting at the top and working his way down to the feet, author Steven Kozak breaks it down for the serious dater who wants to save time chasing the wrong guy or girl. The eyes, the nose, even the ears all send out signals that say, “I’m into you,” or, “I’m outta here.”

Why set yourself up for rejection or miss out on the love of your life simply because you could not read body cues, gestures, and expressions that can tell you almost immediately if someone is interested in you or not before they even say a word?

Don’t be misled by a woman with her arms crossed. She may not be rejecting you, but trying to catch your attention instead. Ladies, if the guy you are talking to is drumming his fingers on the table, zip your lips. He’s bored and not really interested, so it’s time to make polite excuses and move on.

Even after you find Ms. or Mr. Right, A Dater's Guide to Interpreting Body Language can help with communication in the relationship without saying a word. Know the signs of an angry or frustrated guy (or co-worker) and steer clear until his pupils are dilated when he looks at you, and he’s flashing you the “drop jaw smile,” then it’s time to move in a little closer.

Dating doesn’t have to be mysterious, frustrating and exhausting when you learn to interpret body language and control your own. You can even apply what you learn here at work and other social gatherings.

A Dater’s Guide to Interpreting Body Language is your valuable reference to knowing what he or she is feeling before a word leaves his or her lips.

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December 30
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Ravie13 ,

Lessons to be learned

I initially thought some of the advice was just common sense but after going on a date I was actually able to pick up on things I wouldn’t have noticed before.

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